Study and career counseling for high school students

Taking the right path to planning your career after graduating from high school!

(90 MIn.)

First meeting

A casual meeting with our educational specialist and director of studies, Dr. Kay in order to exchange views on interests, preferences, strengths and weaknesses.

Personal potential

Test procedure according to the latest standards as an aid to determining your personal potential and strengths. The NEO-PI-R personality test with 50 questions covers the 5 most important personality dimensions.

Individual evaluation

Individual evaluation of the test with the specialist counselor and concrete goal setting (parents welcome)

Identify occupational fields

Joint research of potential occupational fields - Pre-selection of occupational fields by the advisor

Identify study

Identification of a suitable course of study or vocational training, including financing options

Find place of study / training

Support in the selection of the training and study location and the preparation of meaningful application documents

Language training

Training of job interviews and selection procedures in authentic situations in German and/or in English


Preparing for language test certificates (IELTS/TOEFL) for study at home and abroad

Complete offer: Module 1-7

After the introductory meeting (see module 1), we will be happy to provide a non-binding offer taking into account the required modules .