Our 6 learning areas

Our six learning areas are based on the English National Curriculum for the Foundation Stages (EYFS). We have adapted parts of the curriculum – especially the development of literacy – so as to fully meet the requirements of bothe international English and local German primary schools. Our children engage in a variety of free-choice and pre-set learning activities which are organized around themes and projects based on the children’s interests, needs and every-day knowledge.

Our six learning areas are:

Personal, emotional and social development

Language, communication and literacy with Letterland

Mathematical development

Creative Development

Physical Development

Learning & Konwledge about the world

The learning activities

The learning activities are each covered within a specific topic/project and can extend over several weeks to ensure an intensive and holistic consolidation of the topic. This ensures that the learning content provides many opportunities for children to develop in all 6 areas of learning. We have adapted parts of the English curriculum, especially the development of reading and spelling skills, to the German core curricula at the primary level in order to meet the requirements of both international and German elementary school.

Our educational curriculum

Our curriculum shapes the basis for independent thinking and communication skills, skills that promote the joy of lifelong learning. All learning activities offered to the children teach values such as tolerance, respect for individual and cultural diversity, honesty, independence, self-discipline and self-esteem.