Our philosophy

More than just good care

We aim to provide a large range of developmental activities to help your child grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Our supportive learning and teaching environment aims to enable each child to develop his or her full potential, assume individual responsibility and show respect for oneself and for others.

Discover and develop life skills

Our child-centered and enquiry-based philosophy and teaching approach offer interesting and challenging opportunities for learning through a diverse range of curricular and cross-curricular activities. Structured, project-based learning activities develop creativity and encourage the children to apply their discoveries within a global perspective. We aim to extend the children`s vision beyond their self-perceived limits and foster them to discover their own abilities.

Each child is unique

Most importantly, the uniqueness of each child is respected to help enhance the child`s self-esteem and outgoing personality in a multicultural environment. Participation and pro-active learning are a vital pillar in our daily activities.

Cultural diversity enriches

It goes without saying that, as an international pre-school, we actively promote an appreciation of diverse cultures and languages and a sense of community and belonging in a globalised world.

Our children come from a large variety of countries from all continents and cultural backgrounds which immensely enriches our learning environment.